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a photo series

In September, Hurricane Florence devastated the North Carolina coast. We are still recovering and rebuilding.  In additional to physical damage to the coast, many communities are hurting emotionally. People lost their homes and their jobs. Some lost their family members or even their lives. In the wake of this tragedy, there is much still to be done. I was inspired to create this series walking along the beach of Emerald Isle about two weeks after the storm. Ever since returning to Emerald Isle, I have been shocked by how unrecognizable the place I've learned to call my home has become. All I could think of how horrible the destruction was, I brought my camera out to the beach to document the damages. Through my camera, I began to notice things I wasn't as tuned into because I was so focused on the devastation. The sunset was beautiful, the storm surge had cause beautiful shells to wash up on the beach, people were out walking the beach again. Yes there was damage, but there was also life and beauty. I don't just want to show the negatives of the aftermath of Hurricane Florence, there was a ton of it and more than enough of the destruction shared on social media. I want to show the beauty, the light and the recovery after this disaster. 

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